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Scheduled Maintenance

“One hour of preventative maintenance is worth three hours of field service”

Brian  Petrini

Petrini HVAC is available for scheduled maintenance tasks on all Heating and Cooling systems.

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Systems:

  • Breakdown of indoor unit for cleaning

  • Breakdown of outdoor unit for cleaning

Central AC Systems:

  • Complete breakdown of furnace/air handler

  • Inspection and Cleaning of Indoor Coil and Condensate Pan

  • Inspection and Cleaning of Blower Motor

  • Wiring and Terminal Inspection

  • Inspection of Condensate Pump on High Efficiency Systems

  • Bi-Annual Filter Changes


  • Bi-Annual Filter Change

  • Checking and Setting High/Low Gas Pressure

  • Inspection of Fresh Air Intake and Exhaust

  • Inspection of Condensate Pump on High Efficiency Systems


  • Inspection and Cleaning of Burner Manifold

  • Inspection of Zone Valves and Circulators

  • Wiring and Terminal Inspection

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